Portrait of a diverse team of medical professionals standing on a staircase in a hospital


Transparency in healthcare is incredibly important.  Our goal at TexAssist is to engage early and often with patients to provide transparency with the role our team plays and establish checkpoints that will guide patients through their clinical and financial journey with us.

What does TA do that positively impacts patient experience?

We engage with patients pre-surgery to provide transparency on the role of the surgical assistant, what insurance coverage looks like and what their potential patient responsibility may be

We have established a sister company, Patient Plus, who’s sole responsibility is to engage with patients and keep them informed through the process, creating transparency and removing the risk of a surprise medical bill for a key member of the OR team

We seek pre-authorization on every case we cover when it is warranted, thus reducing the risk of us not getting paid by the insurance company and increasing the patient responsibility

If there is patient responsibility due, we provide patients with options for how to pay their bill, thus reducing unnecessary financial burden