The T.A. Way

The T.A. Way

The golden rule is not just something we know – it’s a fundamental principal that guides how we do business. In fact, it’s a foundational principal of The T.A. Way.

What is “The T.A. Way”?

It’s our approach to doing business. Pillars of the T.A. Way include:

Being sincere in every interaction

Showing empathy with patients

Being proactive whenever possible with case posting and coverages assignments

Facing challenges head on with a “can do” attitude

Choosing to be problem solvers, not problem creators

Acting with a servant’s heart in all we do

Owning our mistakes and seeking to correct them as best as possible

Following through on a commitment by doing what we say we are going to do


You’ve worked hard to earn the trust of your patients and build a reputation that reflects your values. That matters to us and it’s why The T.A. Way exists.

Trust us to handle your most valuable asset – your patient’s trust – with extreme care.