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Our team excels in providing outstanding patient care from start to finish:

Centralized Scheduling and Coverage Confirmations

Pre-Surgery Patient Engagement

Intraoperative Surgical Assist Support

Post-Surgery Patient Communication

Transparent Patient Responsibility Policies 

Why TexAssist?

From finding the right surgical assistant in a pinch to staying vigilant with compliance monitoring, daily tasks can sometimes feel overwhelming and stressful. Count on the team at TexAssist to be there when needed most.

  • Professional Back Office Staff

    TexAssist takes pride in our friendly and detail driven office personnel. Our staff handles every call with care and doesn’t rest until we’ve solved each issue, even if that means working after hours and weekends.

  • Highly Trained Experienced Surgical Assistants

    The team of experienced assists are all board licensed and trained in the most complex cases. Choosing TexAssist means you’ve guaranteed the patient care you demand, ensuring block time in the O.R. runs with precision.

  • Patient Engagement and Financial Responsibility Policies that Make Sense

    Once engaged, TexAssist is pleased to provide a list of surgeon-to-surgeon recommendations. We pride ourselves on knowing the needs of our surgeons and work tirelessly to keep these relationships in good standing.

Surgical Specialties We Support





Plastics and Reconstructive

Surgical Oncology


Bariatric and General Surgery

Our Elite Team

Why Choose TexAssist? It’s simple. We treat you like family, not a number.

  • – 115+ years of licensed surgical assist experience
  • – Deep bench of experience in many specialties including orthopedics,
    spine, cardiothoracic, plastics, bariatrics, and general surgery
  • – Staff certified in robotics
  • – Credentialed at 80+ facilities in DFW
  • – Responsible patient billing practices
  • – Covered by most insurance providers